Anderthals Slot Machine

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On March 17, 2020, another fantastic slots game was added to just a handful of online casinos for exclusive play. As of now, not sure this slot machine will be available on other brands. The game features re-spins, wild symbols, multipliers 2x and 3x. Plus, free spins triggered by hitting 2 or more torches on the reels. Each time you spin, you have a chance of hitting the random bonus symbols above each reel. It is possible to display wilds on all or just a couple.

Anderthals Slot
Anderthals reel multipliers

When you hit 2 torches and at least one lands on a free spins symbol, you win 8 free spins for each additional free spins symbol; 2 more spins are awarded. You start with 2 reels during free spins, randomly displaying symbols such as multipliers wilds up to 3x, which can be stacked. If you happen to hit a torch on a +2 reel additional 2 spins are added. Max amount of spins you can win is 16.

awarded free spins
play on the free spins
expanding wilds for big win

Anderthals slots game has a payout of 96.12%. Of course, the best wins happen during free spins, but you can still have big wins on normal play. You could be a lucky player who happens to hit a big epic jackpot win on this game or maybe just a mega win. Either way, it is a fun slots game to play.

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