Betty’s Full Service EpicWays

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Another great slots game was released this month Betty’s Full Service Epicways slot machine. Featuring drop-down icon when matched increasing wins until there are no more matches on three or more consecutive reels. Wild symbols allow you to hit more often. Love letters hit one reel until you spell the word love gives you free spins, get an additional heart, and increase those spins by 4 more.

betty's full service epic ways slot machine
betty's full service free spins bonus feature.

When you hit the free spins, you can gamble to increase the number of awarded spins. During free spins, each match increases your wins by a multiplier. In theory, the more spins, the higher winnings on the free spins due to the times’ factor. The risks are if you land on a beige colour of the wheel, you lose the spins altogether.

If you decide to risk it and hit the red section, you will increase spins to sixteen. You can then gamble again to win twenty spins and again to a maximum of twenty-four spins. You can win extra spins during your play. This game also has the option to buy the spins bonus feature. There are many possibilities to win a decent amount of money on this game, which might be why the spins do not come up that often.

Betty’s Full Service is similar to Ping Pong Star and Majestic Dragons, with little different features on the bonus spins. Other than that, it has a high number of pay lines which is random on each spin. The extra reel at the top of the slots game gives additional possibilities for matching more symbols for higher wins. Another great slots game for players to try out.

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