British Columbia Casinos

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In BC, there are quite a few casinos to play at. Most are filled with the latest slots but are limited to other games. Video poker selections are minimal, usually to the game king multi machines, but poker is available at larger casinos.

Up north, you have Treasure Cove, which has decent payouts, and quite a few have won large amounts, even over 400k. Having a hotel connected to the casino is convenient for those travelling from out of town. The staff is friendly and quick to payout win.

One of the newest casinos is located in Kamloops, BC; it started awesome with players hitting decent wins and then died off. When you go there, they do have some great services that include parking attendants and several restaurants.  They did take a bit of a hit when workers were on strike most of the summer. A downfall for this casino is that hotels are not connected to the casino. And Costco next door is quite busy, making exiting a challenge. As for the games, well, maybe in a few years, they will pay decent, but they are not wonderful right now, which might be why the low number of players.

Playtime Casino in Kelowna I found was not good to me, but I have heard others find it a good choice. They do have a good selection of casino games.

Then you have the Chances casinos throughout BC. I find them a bit lame with very few machines to play. If you’re looking at just killing sometimes playing a game or two, then it is okay, but if you’re looking for more choices in newer machines, you might consider going to one of the bigger casinos. Of course, if you are heading towards the Vancouver area, your options are a bit better. As winter hits, going outside to head over to a casino is not a great option unless you are just looking to socialize. Instead, playing online might be the way to go.

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