Casino Purchases with Interac

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You might have seen casinos featuring they accept Interac transactions. Fair warning that you may receive a phone call when you purchase with Interac, or worse, your account may get locked by the security team depending on who you are banking with.

RBC will definitely flag the transaction, and they are one of the banks that really need this since your debit card is not a visa. A better option with them is an online visa which users can log in and request. Usually, you will receive it within a week or so. It does not have a magnet strip, just meant for online purchases with daily limits, of course.

Other banks may not be as strict on using these methods, but as we all know, Canadian banks are increasing security due to many scams out there, which makes purchases difficult at times. Thankfully there are quite a few alternative methods; try other ways until you are successful.  Just remember, if you are making a bunch of small purchases on the same day using Interac online or any other direct method with your bank, odds are the fraud department will place a block on your account.

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