Chicago Gold Slot Machine Review

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Money focuses on this slot game with multiple bonus features, making Chicago Gold one of the best slot games added to the casinos in a long time. Not only is it fun, but it also pays out well where you can actually accumulate a decent bankroll. Best of all, this is a 5 tier jackpot game with a high payout grand jackpot.

Chicago Gold Slot Machine
Chicago Gold Cash Bonus Feature
Chicago Gold Money Multiplier
Chicago Gold Re-spin Money Feature

Chicago Gold is only available are a selected few online casinos right now. This may change in the future. It is truly worth experiencing this slot machine that offers so many amazing bonuses.

Slot Game Features

  1. Re-Collect triggers a re-spin of the reels where more money is added to boost the win. Cash amounts vary from small amounts to larger amounts.
  2. Collect Symbol on the fifth reel will win you all cash amounts on the reels.
  3. Money Multiplier – When you hit this on the last reel, you will be awarded all-cash symbols after the spin of the multiplier wheel, where you can win up to 5x your bet.
  4. In combination with re-spin, money multiplier, or collect symbol, Jackpot Coin will trigger the jackpot bonus round.
  5. Jackpot Bonus – randomly pick different symbols to reveal your prize of one of the four jackpots after matching three like symbols.
  6. Free Spins – hit the free spins icon on first, third, or fifth, and you will be rewarded with 8 spins that are filled with all the above symbols to increase wins. The free spins can be re-triggered.
  7. Wild Symbols – are randomly awarded throughout the reels on any spin.
  8. Win up to 5000x your bet.

Playing Chicago Gold was a great experience where I started with just 10 dollars and built it up quickly to 500.00. The bonus features often hit, as did the free spins. I was only lucky enough to hit the minor jackpot a couple of times and the mini once. Due to all the action on this slots game, it is now one of my favourite choices of slots to play.

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