Expiring Casino Games, Removal of Flash Games

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December is a month for changes in online casinos. Major browsers will no longer support Flash. Games that run on flash will no longer function. This is a major disappointing game that people have grown to love, especially some progressive games. Some casinos have been issuing warnings that this game or that game is expiring. The fact is expiring means they have no choice but to discontinue the game.

If this news upsets you, you’re not alone, as many of us feel the same way. You may have even noticed recently that the casinos have been adding new machines quite often. This is because they are trying to fill their casinos with machines as they remove old ones. Maybe they think you will not notice all the games that soon will disappear or that you will find other machines equally as good. You might, but that doesn’t mean that you would be playing that same old favourite machine if given the opportunity.

How does this affect most casino players?

It won’t work for those that are game to play anything machine. There still will be plenty of machines to play with. The biggest change, and you may have already seen this, is video poker. They have been disappearing, and they do not seem to be replacing them. Ultimate X is a great game that wins can be high, but that game will not be staying in the current form. I have noticed some table games that were using flash being replaced with new-style games.

The casinos have been preparing for this change to happen, quality of games will not diminish. I, for one, always enjoy seeing a new game in the casino when I log in, so seeing many games a month has been quite rewarding. I don’t care as much is seeing a new game that is actually the same as another will different graphics. If the game is similar but has different functions such as bonus features, different payouts, something else special, I am all for it.

You may be wondering which casinos are adding new games. I would say all of them are adding. Don’t expect a big rush of games added at the end of the month. I would suspect that you will see many machines gone when you log into the casino in January. It might even be considered overdue since some casinos have hosted games dating back to the early 2000s.

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