Ivory Citadel Slots Game

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Ivory Citadel Hidden Symbols
Ivory Citadel Microgaming Slots

The December 2019 release of Ivory Citadel was a nice surprise. This is actually one of the best slot games that Microgaming has released over the years. Others are great, but this one just as unique and has awesome features. So, let’s go over what makes the slots game so wonderful.

  • It has free spins feature with a twist. The question mark wilds on free spins are sticky. You never know what they will reveal, but you can collect quite a few. Once you have three in a single column, the whole column turns to wild symbols. The spins feature bonus seems to come up often, which does make a game fun.
  • In normal play, you have question marks that will reveal all the same symbols. It is not uncommon to have quite a few of these during any given spin. Betting limits are decent for all types of players, whether you want to bet in small amounts or large denominations.

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I tested the game out and made relatively small bets, 2.50 per spin. It wasn’t too long, and I had gone from a starting balance of 50 to over 600.00. Hitting decent on bonus spins helped build those credits up. Microgaming casinos have been adding quite a few games lately, but this is one of my favourites so far.

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