Scarab Kingdom Slot Game

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A new game added in July 2021 to Microgaming casinos is Scarab Kingdom. This is a 5 reel, 4 rows, with 30 pay lines slot game. It is a fun-filled slot game with a lot of amazing features. They include Cleo’s bonus, Scarab scatters, wild scrolls, and free spins with a progressive multiplier.

Scarab Kingdom Slot Machine

Game Features in Scarabs Kingdom:

This slot machine has several different game features which makes it a fun game to play. Below is a description of the different bonuses that can be hit during your gameplay.

Scarabs Scatter Feature

Scarabs Scatters

Cleo’s bonus is triggered by collecting 100 Scarabs scatters which randomly appear on the reels during regular gameplay. While you accumulate the scatters once 3 are hit on a reel a wild scroll will appear. This makes the whole reel wild to increase wins. More than one reel can be hit simultaneously.

Cleo’s Bonus

During your play in Cleo’s Bonus, you select from 12 bonus coins until you match 3 of the same symbols. This will reveal your win of either 15x, 40x, 200x, and 5000x your bet. Once you have completed the bonus, the bonus bar will reset to zero.

Scarab Kingdom Cleo's Bonus
Scarab Kingdom Free Spins

Pharaoh’s Free Spins

Hitting three free spins symbols on the 2, 3, and 4 reel triggers free spins with a multiplier. Thus, you can win an indefinite amount of free spins. A wild scroll is automatically activated on the 3rd reel at the beginning of the spins.

As you play the spins, the multiplier will increase on every winning spin. The wild scroll will reduce by one line on each spin. As long as you have a wild scroll on the reel the spins will continue. You can have multiple wild scrolls on reels at any time during your play.

Scarab Kingdom Wild Scrolls

Overall this is one of the better slots games released recently. You can win an epic win if you hit wild symbols on multiple reels at the same time. With all the different features, you can get decent playtime on the machine.

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